Grassroots, out-of-home campaigns are like no other. They get into the heart of a community – and recreation facilities are the heart, and focal point of their communities.

Advertisers know this – and the reach and cost-effectiveness these facilities offer.



Getting into these facilities is messy, time-consuming work. Few have the time and resources needed to coordinate and execute a large, grassroots campaign:

• contacting dozens of municipalities and organizations (often volunteer run)

• multiple and differing contracts and invoices

• non-standardized creative and production specifications

• dealing with inexperienced partners (volunteers, community associations, etc.)

…all add up to a cumbersome and difficult execution.



This is where REC Media comes in. REC Media offers:

• complete management and consolidation of facility booking, contracting and invoicing.

• fully managed coordination of production, shipping and handling, and installation.

• post-execution wrap-up reports

• provision of POP’s (proofs of performance)


REC Media offers a one-stop shop – one contract, one invoice and one production run.

Hundreds of markets, thousands of facilities, one point of contact.

REC Media.