Sport and Advertising have a lot in common.

We know that. And so do our clients.



"REC Media allowed us to provide brand awareness support for even those branches in hard-to-reach markets that lacked other Out-Of-Home advertising opportunities."

Wafa Kadri
Manager, Community Investment




"Marketing our client in community ice arenas has provided a cost-efficient way to gain brand recognition in our targeted locations... as we provide support to our local dealerships in both small and large markets."

Leanne Kezin
Marketing Manager



"REC Media’s ability to standardize our branding campaign throughout requested markets provides us with an opportunity to easily execute a consolidated campaign... with very little time investment on our behalf."

Cori White
Account Director – McDonald’s Restaurants Canada
Cossette Communication Group



"...combines an exceptional demographic and very low cost-per impression with extensive knowledge of markets and facilities to ensure that we receive the greatest benefit for our advertising dollars."

Margaret Kourles
Vice President, Corporate Marketing