Curling Advertising

Not just for Baby Boomers anymore. Our curling rinks attract countless enthusiasts every year. This emerging sport is also renowned for its rural participants.  It's very difficult to find a city, town, village or hamlet that doesn't have a curling rink.  Because of this, curling advertising is very desirable for clients who wish to have a presence in hard to reach rural markets.  These markets contain little or no other out-of-home advertising opportunities and the most savvy marketers have turned to curling advertising in order to get their message to these rural markets.

Similar to other athletic facilities, curling rinks have spectators with significant dwell time.  In addition, curling rinks often act as a hub of a community, hosting events year round such as local meetings and gatherings, farmers markets and holiday parties.

REC Media offers a variety of curling advertising opportunities, including Wall Billboards, Scoreclock Ads, Kingsized Wall Billboards, Ice Ads and Framed Posters, to name a few.

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