travis callawayTravis Callaway

Manager Of Operations


About the Role

Travis is the glue that holds the Calgary office, and the entire operations of REC Media together.  He is responsible for overseeing the execution of all client advertising campaigns as well as managing REC Media's large facility network.  He works closely with the operations team and using his significant understanding of the media opportunities available in athlethic facilities across Canada he plays a key role in all successful client campaigns.

About Travis

Travis is currently completing his Master of Business Administration (Finance) and is an avid traveller.  When he's not cracking the whip in the office, studying or globe-trotting, you might find him in the local gym.  He was recently wed on the pristine beach of the Carribean Sea and while the destination hasn't been finalized yet, an over-seas trip is certainly in the cards for the honeymoon.  Between work, working-out, school and married life, we've estimated that Travis sleeps for a solid 43 minutes each night.

A picture is worth 1000 words....but explain the picture in 100 words or less

As mentioned above, Travis is completing his MBA - at Durham University.  Durham is the third oldest University in England and it has been said that Hogwart's (Harry Potter) was modelled after this prestigious school.  Attending Durham bodes well for Travis since it allows him to combine his love of continuing education with his love of travel.