The Modern Canadian Family

Canadian families are changing with the times.  The modern Canadian family has a new profile, shaped by changing trends in marriage, same-sex families, minorities, immigration, religion and more.

Sports in Canada

Sports are central to Canadian lives.  In this inforgraphic, explore the sports habits of Canadians, whether they're actively participating, or cheering from the sidelines.

22 Famous Football Quotes

REC Media is proud to present 22 of the most inspiring quotes from some famous names in Football.

REC Media Celebrates 20 Years!

REC celebrated a huge milestone this year - 20 years in business!  Take a look as we stroll through the past two decades to trace some of the steps that have led us to where we are today.

Sports Sponsorship Trends at the global, North American & Community Levels

Globally, revenues related to sports events are growing every year, and the revenue from sponsorships are the most important factors behind that growth.

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19 Inspiring Olympian Quotes

REC Media is proud to present 19 of the most inspiring quotes from great Olympians.


15 Famous Basketball Quotes

REC Media is proud to present 15 great basketball quotes by some of the most famous names in the game.

Marketing to Busy Women (Infographic)

Today’s busy women between the ages of 25 and 49 strive for the perfect balance between working full time, family responsibilities, maintaining the home and exercise.

Benefits of Sports for Children

Kids need exercise. Whether it’s hitting the slopes, playing soccer, going for a ride, or playing hockey. Whatever the sport they play, regular physical activity benefits youth in many ways. It builds muscles, maintains healthy joints, and controls weight and blood pressure.

Supporting Grassroots Sports

At REC Media, we’re passionate about grassroots sports. Sports runs in our DNA, not only as an advertising network specialized in recreational facilities, but as advocates for sport’s ability to positively impact Canadians.