Why Advertise on Hockey Rink Boards?

Local businesses earn the loyalty of consumers by entrenching themselves in the fabric of their communities, and by supporting the institutions that are important to those communities.

And everybody knows, hockey is Canada's game. In fact, if you put 10 Canadians in a room together, research tells us that 5 of them will feel that hockey is an important source of national pride.

That’s why grassroots advertising in community hockey rinks makes sense.  When you advertise on hockey billboards, you can communicate directly with household decision makers, when they are in a positive state of mind.

And of all participation sports played in Canada, Hockey is the most popular. Approximately 45% of adults with kids visit community arenas every year. And because participating in hockey is actually quite expensive, it isn’t surprising that 43% of those adults earn a higher than average income, making them a very desirable audience for local advertisers.

In addition, people visiting hockey arenas can spend up to 60 minutes sitting right in front of your rink board. That’s much longer dwell time than a TV commercial or an outdoor billboard they zoom past.

Local businesses have caught on to the opportunity of hockey rink boards. Businesses like:

•                    Restaurants and bars
•                    Local medical clinics
•                    Realtors
•                    Sporting good stores
•                    And Insurance brokers

If you’re interested in supporting your community by advertising on hockey rink boards, to a desirable audience at the grassroots marketing level, contact REC Media today.



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