Toronto Soccer Leagues: Making the Choice that’s Right for You

You live in Toronto and you’ve decided that you need a new hobby – one that you can play at any time during the year. Soccer is your choice, but there are so many leagues to choose from! Here is a quick rundown of some of the different soccer leagues in the Toronto area, and their highlights.


Extreme Toronto Sports Club

Although XTSC does not limit itself to soccer (they also offer volleyball, football and hockey), they have three different types of soccer available – turf soccer, youth soccer and outdoor soccer. Celebrating their 10th year of business in 2014, the XTSC was launched “to offer the Toronto sports public a superior sporting experience that puts fun and excitement into the Toronto sports scene.” Their goal is to provide an environment that is as much like the professional sports league as possible.

Toronto Sport and Social Club

The Sport and Social Club is another club that provides a wide range of sports – everything from basketball and bowling to softball and tennis, and also offers indoor and outdoor soccer. Exclusively an adult club, the Sport and Social Club allows you to sign up as an individual or as a full team. They have soccer throughout every season, and also have many different tournaments and events.

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Toronto Recreational Sports League

The TRSL offers both basketball and soccer, with soccer being available only during the spring and summer, when outdoor fields are available. The sports are all recreational, co-ed, non-contact and self-officiated. Members are in their 20s and 30s – or as listed on the website, “or anyone who acts and feels that age!).

North Toronto Soccer Club

Established in 1983, the North Toronto Soccer Club is dedicated to providing soccer programs to the children, youth and young adults in the North Toronto community. They have over 400 teams that are coached by over 700 volunteer parents coaching – if it’s your son or daughter that is interested in soccer, and they are between 4 and 18, the North Toronto Soccer Club is for you. There are different types of teams, from recreational to competitive. The soccer club offers soccer camps and training sessions as well.

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