Supporting Grassroots Sports

At REC Media, we’re passionate about grassroots sports. Sports runs in our DNA, not only as an advertising network specialized in recreational facilities, but as advocates for sport’s ability to positively impact Canadians.


16 Famous Hockey Quotes


REC Media is proud to present 16 great hockey quotes by some of the most famous names in the game.

Toronto Rink Locator

You’ve accomplished your To-Do list for the day. The car has been filled, the kids are fed, the trunk is ready with their equipment for the game. Everyone quickly packs into the car and you’re ready to go. There’s just enough time to get them to the ice rink… but then – panic – your mind’s racing furiously to remember where it is you’re supposed to be going. The rink in… no, that was last week. Today, they’re playing in that other ice rink… what’s the address again??

How Sports Sponsorship in Canada Can Benefit Small Businesses

Have you ever wondered just why Nike is investing so heavily into golf champion Rory McIlroy? Or how basketball giant Kobe Bryant or NHL legend Sidney Crosby make their millions?

The answer is simple: sports sponsorship.

Sharing the Glory: Benefits of Team Sports for Children

If you’ve ever found yourself bored and miserable pumping iron in the gym, you might be missing out on a much more gratifying way of getting exercise: team sports.

Toronto Recreation

Toronto is a city that believes in recreation. In this infographic, read about:
  • The benefits of recreation
  • How Toronto participates in recreation programs
  • How to register in Toronto recreation programs
  • The financial support the city of Toronto provides to promote recreation
  • Progress made in the area of recreation in Toronto

Top 10 Tips for Sports Marketing: Best Practices for Every Business

Have you ever wondered why tech giant Apple relies so much on traditional print advertising and billboards as part of its marketing strategy? The short answer is because strong visuals make an impact.

Sports marketing is no different. Your clients are being bombarded by brand messages every day – but sports advertising gives you a significant advantage: you have a captive audience.

17 Famous Baseball Quotes

REC Media is proud to present 17 great baseball quotes by some of the most famous names in the game.

Toronto Hockey Profile: The Greater Toronto Hockey League

“Play Now. Win Forever.”

The Greater Toronto Hockey League, known is the GTHL, was established in 1911 by Frank D. Smith. According to the GTHL website, it is the largest single minor amateur hockey league in the world.

Toronto Soccer Leagues: Making the Choice that’s Right for You

You live in Toronto and you’ve decided that you need a new hobby – one that you can play at any time during the year. Soccer is your choice, but there are so many leagues to choose from! Here is a quick rundown of some of the different soccer leagues in the Toronto area, and their highlights.