Hockey Sponsorship Ideas

Recreational hockey players, their friends, and their families are passionate, loyal and committed.  Advertisers everywhere have discovered that hockey sponsorship offers a tremendous opportunity to make meaningful connections between their brands and this very desirable audience.

Why Advertise on Hockey Rink Boards?

Local businesses earn the loyalty of consumers by entrenching themselves in the fabric of their communities, and by supporting the institutions that are important to those communities.

Recreational Hockey Advertising

This infographic shows why, for advertisers seeking to make meaningful connections with a valuable target audience, recreational hockey sponsorship offers a wealth of possibilities.

Grassroots Advertising in Community Athletic Facilities

Grassroots marketing offers a powerful means to communicate directly with your target audience, on a hyper-local level.

Curling Rink Advertising

The sport of curling has long been a source of pride in Canada.  A great many world and Olympic titles have been awarded to Canadian representatives and it continues to be a key component of local communities – particularly in rural parts of the country.  While curling may not have quite the national draw or broad appeal of hockey, the sport reigns supreme in a vast number of small markets.  The local curling rink often doubles as a social hub in these small communities, providing an opportunity for socializing after the game, and even at other times.

Hockey Arena Advertising

Hockey continues to be Canada’s game.  Each year, millions of spectators are drawn to hockey rinks across the country, from the largest city to small communities.  These venues have become an essential component of the local fabric, creating a gathering spot for neighborhoods and a sense of community among residents.  Increasingly, marketers are taking notice of hockey advertising opportunities, and directing their marketing efforts towards an affiliation with our national pastime and the emblems of our community spirit.

Soccer Field Advertising

Across the world, it is generally accepted that soccer is the most popular game on the planet.  In Canada, home of hockey, the amateur sport participation numbers are beginning to reflect that same sentiment.  And advertisers are taking notice…

Rural Advertising Strategies

Here’s the thing: Rural advertising isn’t quite like advertising in urban areas. Not just because of the size of the populace, but also because of the lack of standardized opportunities – not to mention the feeling of community, sense of solidarity and the complexity of rural communities. Creating an advertising campaign for a rural area is often tough.

So, with all these challenges, how can a successful rural advertising campaign be launched?