Hockey Arena Advertising

Hockey continues to be Canada’s game.  Each year, millions of spectators are drawn to hockey rinks across the country, from the largest city to small communities.  These venues have become an essential component of the local fabric, creating a gathering spot for neighborhoods and a sense of community among residents.  Increasingly, marketers are taking notice of hockey advertising opportunities, and directing their marketing efforts towards an affiliation with our national pastime and the emblems of our community spirit.

Hockey Advertising Demographics

The community hockey arena can provide many advertisers with an opportunity to interact with key target demographics.  Busy parents, the household decision makers, are often held as a captive audience for 45 – 60 minutes while their children skate and stickhandle around the ice, creating a real opportunity for retail marketers to promote their products.  Furthermore, with a country-wide increase in active living, young people are spending even greater amounts of time in recreational facilities – making hockey rinks an ideal avenue for brand messaging directed at youth.

Interactive Hockey Rink Advertising Opportunities

Additionally, the dwell time for spectators in hockey rinks creates an available window to support interactive initiatives that place samples in the hands of consumers and introduces them to experiences that leave them likely to repeat.  Sampling items, distributing information, and providing take-away favors are all ways that hockey arena advertising can create valuable interaction between marketers and their sought-after prospective consumers.

The Geographical Coverage of Hockey Arena Advertising

Beyond the desirable demographics and interactive opportunities, the network of hockey rinks across the country provide a comprehensive geographic coverage allowing a hockey arena advertising campaign to reach communities that lack a variety of other Out-Of-Home advertising options.  Rural markets can be the recipients of specially designated products and services – rural cellular networks, farming or industry tools, or utility providers, to name a few – and the local hockey arena provides a perfect venue to advertise to local consumers.  With this broad geographic coverage, hockey rink advertising can be used to buoy local branches, inject a community support component to messaging, or to provide brand recognition to locally-based businesses.

Hockey Advertising & Our National Pastime

As well, for any marketer wishing to affiliate itself with Canada’s game, the opportunity to inject messaging into hockey arenas, in communities coast-to-coast, is essential.

Used effectively, hockey arena advertising provides marketers with an opportunity to tie their messaging and affiliation to a source of national pride in Canada, and to a sense of community in specific markets across the country.

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