Soccer Field Advertising

Across the world, it is generally accepted that soccer is the most popular game on the planet.  In Canada, home of hockey, the amateur sport participation numbers are beginning to reflect that same sentiment.  And advertisers are taking notice…

In Canada, soccer field advertising is increasing at a rapid pace.  Likely fuelled by major corporate sponsorships of Canada’s new professional teams – Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Montreal Impact – marketers in every province are turning to soccer advertising as a way to reach youth athletes and the parents who come to watch them play.

Soccer advertising appeals as a brand building opportunity to a wide variety of businesses for a great many reasons.  Local businesses are able to use soccer advertising as a targeted initiative to promote their products and services to the clientele that pass by their doors every day, further solidifying their place in the community.  Large corporations can use community soccer advertising as a grassroots marketing opportunity to support local branches, reinforce their commitment to the communities in which they operate, and affiliate themselves with a past-time very dear to millions of Canadian’s hearts.

As popularity and participation in soccer continues to soar, communities provide improved facilities for the sport – creating more desirable and widespread soccer advertising opportunities.  Indoor soccer fields represent some of most modern community recreational facilities in Canada, generating spaces that attract increasing crowds and present new soccer advertising opportunities.  No longer are the possibilities limited to a simple billboard on the fence (although those can still be found effective!) – soccer advertising opportunities now encompass full field wraps, jersey logos, turf artwork, fieldboard panels, and a host of other indoor options.  As municipalities gain comfort and familiarity with the sale of advertising inventory in these spaces, the world of soccer advertising grows.

Given the time required by a soccer game or practice, the dwell time garnered by soccer advertising is the envy of many Out-of-Home opportunities.  Forty-five to sixty minutes of exposure to highly sought-after demographics creates an invaluable chance for brands to engage with spectators.

The most important thing that most marketers review is cost.  As these community facilities can lack the cachet of the larger, professional venues they compare to, the associated price points of community soccer advertising provides for a compelling ROI.

As soccer continues to grow in popularity, one can expect that the soccer advertising universe will grow alongside, providing ever-increasing opportunities for brands to affiliate themselves with Canada’s “other game”.

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