Our Company

REC Media's ad network specializes in campaigns and sampling programs in community and municipal athletic facilities coast-to-coast. Hockey arenas, soccer fields, curling rinks, you name it…recreational facilities are our area of expertise.

REC Media is the only advertising network in Canada that is singularly focused on recreational facilities.  Other ad networks dabble in it, but only REC Media specializes exclusively in this space.  We are the experts.

Over the past twenty years, REC Media has grown to become the largest advertising network of its kind in Canada. With offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, and affiliations throughout Quebec and Eastern Canada, REC Media has placed campaigns in over 1500 partner and associate facilities coast-to-coast. We’ve worked with a whole host of blue-chip clients, like McDonald’s, RBC, Chrysler and Re/Max, to name but a few.


What We Offer

Our ad network offers numerous mediums and opportunities in these venues - Rink Boards, Interior Wall Billboards, Ice Ads, Zamboni advertising, Lobby Display Panels, Sports Field Billboards and Product Sampling and Experential Campaigns. Exceptional geographic coverage, a superb demographic, and a surprisingly efficient cost per impression, makes REC Media a leader in out-of-home.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to offer advertisers and agencies efficient, one-stop shopping for grassroots, out-of-home executions at the local community level, and particularly in hard to reach rural markets. Our vision is to be the leading provider of these types of solutions, nation-wide.