How to advertise to millennial parents

Gain insight on the millennial ‘voice’, break down stereotypes, and see which brands are doing it right when it comes to advertising to millennial parents.

Rec Media |Where the community has always been

At Rec Media, we connect companies & brands with audiences in athletic recreational facilities, by aggregating media space. We offer a wide range of traditional and innovative media opportunities  in indoor ice arenas, indoor and outdoor soccer fields, outdoor athletic parks and ski resorts – providing brand engagement at grassroots level! We go where the community has always been. Get … Read More

Benefits of Sports for Children

Kids need exercise. Whether it’s hitting the slopes, playing soccer, going for a ride, or playing hockey. Whatever the sport they play, regular physical activity benefits youth in many ways. It builds muscles, maintains healthy joints, and controls weight and blood pressure. Exercise can also benefit children academically. Research has suggested a positive association between sports and enhanced concentration, improved … Read More

The Modern Canadian Family

Canadian families are changing with the times. The modern Canadian family has a new profile, shaped by changing trends in marriage, same-sex families, minorities, immigration, religion and more. The Modern Canadian Family Whiteboard Video In this whiteboard video, we’ll take you through key trends impacting modern Canadian families. The Modern Canadian Family Infographic If you prefer to pore over our … Read More

Sports Sponsorship Benefits for Small Businesses

Have you ever wondered just why Nike is investing so heavily into golf champion Rory McIlroy? Or how basketball giant Kobe Bryant or NHL legend Sidney Crosby make their millions? The answer is simple: sports sponsorship. Sports sponsorships is big business. And with sports increasingly in the media spotlight (and in our lives), more is being invested every year: US … Read More

Rural Advertising Strategies for Success

Three Strategies for Rural Advertising Success Here’s the thing: Rural advertising isn’t quite like advertising in urban areas. Not just because of the size of the populace, but also because of the lack of standardized opportunities – not to mention the feeling of community, sense of solidarity and the complexity of rural communities. Creating an advertising campaign for a rural … Read More

Sports Sponsorship Trends at the global, North American & Community Levels

Globally, revenues related to sports events are growing every year, and the revenue from sponsorships are the most important factors behind that growth. At a compound annual growth rate of 6.1% over the five years leading up to 2015, sports sponsorship revenues are growing faster in North America than anywhere else in the world. In fact, revenue from sports sponsorship … Read More

Curling Rink Advertising

Curling Rink Advertising

The sport of curling has long been a source of pride in Canada.  A great many world and Olympic titles have been awarded to Canadian representatives and it continues to be a key component of local communities – particularly in rural parts of the country.  While curling may not have quite the national draw or broad appeal of hockey, the … Read More

16 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH)

Several factors, including the fact that people are spending more than 70% of their time outside their homes, have led to major shifts in media usage. Traditional media investments are declining, as is the effectiveness of online advertising.  By contrast, digital out-of-home advertising investments have seen sustained year-over-year increases. The reasons? DOOH is effective and delivers substantial advantages over traditional … Read More